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By Colette Toach
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Ok - Let's get you to Prophetic Office, shall we?

From the moment I knew that I was called to be a prophet, I knew that I could no longer sit on the fence. For years I felt insecure about my outspoken attitude that always got me into trouble. So I tried to do what everyone does... push it down. I tried to do the "fitting in" thing, but failed gloriously. I know that you are hearing me loud and clear! :)

As I matured in the prophetic, I made all the usual mistakes, but there was never a time I did not burn to see others like me rise up. In many ways I felt like the Lord had given me the heart of a midwife to watch over the birth of all the prophetic babies that He was bringing into the Church. This journey began in 1999 for me, and in the spirit, I can see the many ministries that have risen up through that vision.

Today though, the vision is shifting. The babies have been born, they have begun to rise to maturity and I am left asking myself another question. "Where will each of these prophets be able to function?"

You see it is not good enough that you just get to office. WHAT WILL YOU DO WITH THE OFFICE WHEN YOU GET THERE?! Well keep reading, because that is about what I am going to offer you.

We have trained the prophets, but God is laying it on our hearts to also make a place for them to function in their ministries. And so together, with my fantastic team of trainers, we are going to be giving those who qualify to become volunteer lecturers!

What does this mean to you?

It means that if you graduate and are placed in prophetic office, that you could be a candidate to not only become an A.M.I. Prophetic School lecturer, but that you will also receive free hands-on training to help you become the mentor and prophetic trainer that God has called you to be.

Up until now, we have issued you certificates and ordination. Now we will ofter you a place to function in your ministry - with full training and support!

Not only will you learn to be a trainer, but this opens the way perfectly for you to start your own prophetic school in the future, if that is what burns in you.

I have an agenda! That agenda is... TO GET YOU TO PROPHETIC OFFICE!

I want to give you every opportunity I can to help you reach the goal for this calling on your life. So please, take advantage of it. We only make this kind of offer when the Lord tells us to, and right now I feel in the spirit that there are many who are ready to embrace the rest of their journey, but just need a little help.

Find out from your lecturer what it will cost to get the rest of the courses for the school and then please - PUT YOUR HEAD DOWN and press forward towards the mark. If enough students take advantage of this and qualify, Craig and I would seriously consider hosting another graduation seminar at the end of the year to allow for those that complete their studies.

The Lord called you. He brought you here. He is applying the pressure. All that is left is for you to embrace the pressure, "die already" and to finish this journey you have started.

As always, please know that I am alongside as you go through this journey. Your trainer is right by your side and we are here to see that you qualify and then reach even beyond that to fulfilling your call!

With Love,

Colette Toach
Apostle & Spiritual Mother
Apostolic Movement International

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