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School Lectures For Prophetic Module 1 - Dreams and Visions

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1. Dream Categories and the Prophet

A prophet does not have just one type of dream, he has many. Each dream is there for a specific purpose and learning what that purpose is will be vital to your walk as a prophet.

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2. Getting Prophetic Dreams Straight

You have learned about the different dream categories. Now you need to learn what the symbols in your prophetic dreams mean!

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3. Application of Dream Interpretation

Just because you dream and you know what symbols are showing up does not mean you know how to apply that dream to your life. When God gives us a dream, it is meant to be put to action in a particular way.

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4. Learning to flow in the Spiritual Gifts

Interpreting your dreams was the easy part. Now it is time to use what you have learned to minister to others and use the spiritual gifts you had all along.

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5. The Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation in Visions

Understanding visions is a key part of being a prophet and ministering to others. So, it is time to sharpen your next weapon and learn the true meaning of a vision.

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6. Flowing in Visions in Personal Ministry

Visions are a part of you and you can use them to minister to God’s people. Learn to use visions for inner healing, counsel, and direction.

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7. Flowing in Visions Publicly

You can flow in visions in every situation, including at work or church because God is continually speaking to you. Understand what He is saying during times of worship or during the message the preacher is teaching.

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8. Identifying Deception

Deception can be a pitfall for a prophet, so knowing how to identify it in yourself and in others is your first step to overcoming it.

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9. How to address and handle deception

So, you can now identify deception, but do you know how to correctly handle it? Time to learn how to reach God’s people and give them victory over deception.

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10. Interpreting Symbols in Dreams

Dreams are a message, yes, but knowing what the symbols in your dreams (and others’) mean can change the meaning entirely.

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11. Interpreting Symbols in Visions

The meaning of the symbols that present themselves in your visions are not the same as your dreams. You must be able to tell the difference to properly minister to God’s people.

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12. Interpreting For others effectively

Perhaps you can interpret your own dreams, but God has called you to reach His people, not just yourself. Discover the steps to interpreting dreams and visions for others and minister to His children.

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13. The Gift of Discerning of Spirits.

The weapon to separate the light from the dark is the gift of discerning of spirits - the anointing to tell the difference between the sweet deceptive voice of the enemy and the strong convicting voice of the Father.

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